The Skrulls

SkrullsThe Skrulls
In their natural state, Skrulls have green skin, pointed ears, red or green eyes and ridged chins. They are reptilian with some mammalian characteristics, such as hair and mammary glands, and a lifespan of about 210 Earth years. However, since Skrulls have shape-shifting abilities, they are often seen in different forms. These abilities were granted to them by the Celestials, but the Skrulls have used their own technology to enhance themselves further.

Despite their advanced technology and natural abilities, the Skrulls are impatient and emotional, unable to use their resources to the fullest. Their Warskrull program enhances chosen agents with super-normal abilities, but it was shut down after the destruction of Throneworld.

The Skrull Empire
The Skrull Empire is the oldest interstellar power in the Andromeda Galaxy, boasting over a thousand worlds comprised of a mixture of galactic races. During the empire’s violent expansion, Skrull infiltrators used their shape-changing abilities to enter systems covertly and to lay the foundation for eventual conquest. Since their first interaction, the Skrull Empire has been at odds with the Kree Empire.

Once a monolithic power in the Local Group, the Skrull Empire fragmented after the recent destruction of Throneworld by Galactus. Ambitious warlords vie for control of the empire while formally loyal planets begin to pull away.

Notable Skrulls

  • Baroness S’Bak: A Skrull noblewoman turned warlord; she has carved out a significant territory in the wake of the Empire’s upheaval
  • Hulkling: The son of the Kree Captain Mar-Vell and the Skrull princess Anelle, raised on Earth as a human and adopting a ‘superhero’ persona.
  • Lyja the Laserfist: A special agent who pursued a covert mission on Earth to infiltrate the Fantastic Four.
  • Paibok the Power-Skrull: An espionage agent and captain in the Skrull armed forces, recently captured by the Kree.
  • Kl’rt the Super-Skrull: The first graduate of the Warskrull program, with abilities patterned after Earth’s Fantastic Four.
  • Xavin: A Warskrull-in-training, also with abilities matching the Fantastic Four, but known for rash decisions and belligerent behaviour.

The Skrulls

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