The Shi'ar

Shi arHumanoid in appearance, the Shi’ar’s avian ancestry is evident in the distinctive feathered crests atop their heads. They are native to the Triangulum Galaxy, which most interstellar races refer to as the Shi’ar Galaxy due to their dominance over it.

The Shi’ar Empire
Originating from the planet Chandilar, the Shi’ar have expanded their empire to encompass their entire galaxy, subjugating thousands of other races. The empire is ruled from Chandilar by the Majestor or Majestrix, a hereditary position passed down through the Neramani line.

In a recent act of military aggression, the Shi’ar went to war with the Kree Empire. During this conflict the Nega-Bomb was deployed over the Kree homeworld, killing billions. The Shi’ar Majestrix, Lilandra, claimed the shattered remains of the Kree Empire for the Shi’ar.

A core element of Shi’ar security is the Imperial Guard, a force of super-powered beings gathered from throughout the empire. Elite members protect the Majestrix, while the rest are stationed throughout the empire to assist in enforcing Shi’ar rule and law.

Notable Shi’ar

  • Deathbird: Sister of Majestrix Lilandra and former pretender to the throne; now viceroy over various annexed Kree worlds
  • Deathcry: Daughter of Deathbird; a warrior who worked with Earth’s Avengers during the Kree-Shi’ar War and is now an Imperial agent
  • Gladiator: Last of the Strontian race; an immensely powerful super-being and leader of the Imperial Guard
  • Majestrix Lilandra: Leader of the Shi’ar Empire, notorious for her former marriage to the human mutant Charles Xavier
  • Cerise: A former Imperial Special Investigator; a skilled warrior and psion who was at one time allied with the mutants of planet Earth

The Shi'ar

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