The Rigellians

RigelliansThe Rigellians, also known as the Colonizers of Rigel, are a scientifically and technologically advanced race devoted towards amassing an empire via colonization. They have an innate ability to increase their own density, as well as psionic and telepathic powers.

The Rigellians are skilled in robotics and have created a race of robotic lifeforms called the Recorders. Recorders are generally used as scouts to explore new territory and report back to the Rigellians.

The Rigellian Empire
A small but effective intergalactic civilisation, the Rigellian Empire controls several dozen systems in the Milky Way as well as a similar number in the Andromeda Galaxy. Most of the other races in the Empire, such as the Aakonians, are ‘client’ races rather than subjects, allying with the Rigellians diplomatically.

The Rigellian government is a technocracy and their leaders are generally elected due to their high intelligence. Their leader is known as the Grand Commissioner.

The original Rigellian homeworld, Rigel-3, was destroyed by the Rhunians. A secondary homeworld, Command Planet Rigel II, was destroyed by Thanos. The Rigellian Empire is now run from New Rigel-3, a former colony world in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Notable Rigellians

  • Arcturus: A renegade fleet commander who violated Imperial law to attack Earth
  • Gunthar: A member of a mercenary crew serving under the notorious space pirate Nebula
  • Tana Nile: A colonisation agent who attempted to take over the Earth but was rebuffed by members of the Avengers

The Rigellians

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