The Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy 100 000–120 000 light-years in diameter containing 100–400 billion stars. It is the second-largest galaxy in the Local Group, and the only one not dominated by a single galactic empire.

Major civilisations

  • The Badoon Hegemony: At one time the Badoon controlled more than 70% of the galaxy, but their empire faded and fractured after the Gender Wars ravaged their homeworld.
  • The Eternals: A race of advanced super-beings who live on the moon Titan in the Sol System. Most are content to leave the universe in peace – except for the Mad Titan, Thanos.
  • Humans: A minor, primitive race from a backwater planet that nonetheless keeps interfering with and reshaping the course of intergalactic affairs.
  • The Rigellian Empire: The Rigellians rule dozens of star systems in the Milky Way, along with a similar number in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Notable locations

  • Alpha Centauri System: A trinary star system; the Alpha Centaurian race live on the water world Arimas.
  • Beta Centauri: Centauri IV, the fourth planet in the Beta Centauri system, is home to the primitive Centaurian race.
  • Earth: Many galactic civilisations refer to this world as ‘Asylum 8’; a meaningless speck that keeps producing powerful, uncontrollable super-beings.
  • Sirius X: This planet in the Hercules Star Cluster is the headquarters of the Universal Church of Truth, a fanatical religion that used its belief technology to carve an empire from surrounding systems.
  • Zen-Whoberi: Home to a peaceful race of scholars, but also to the deadly assassin Gamora.

The Milky Way Galaxy

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