The Greater Magellanic Cloud

The Greater Magellanic Cloud is an irregular galaxy roughly 1/100th as massive as the Milky Way, making it the smallest galaxy in the local group.

Major civilisations

  • The Kree Empire: Formerly the most powerful civilisation in the Local Group, the Kree Empire was decimated in the recent Kree-Shi’ar War. Many survivors live in territories now annexed by the Shi’ar Empire, while others are loyal to the Kree mercantile group House Fiyero.
  • The Spartoi Empire: An empire of hundreds of world, ruled from Spartax in the Sparta system. The Spartoi have advanced technology but little interest in expansion or other races.

Notable locations

  • Hala: The Kree homeworld and former seat of the Kree Empire, located in the Pama star system. Its nitrogen-heavy atmosphere and heavy gravity make it uncomfortable for most other races.
  • Nycos Aristedes: This minor Aakonian colony planet was originally in the Andromeda Galaxy, until resistance forces projected it through Dimension Eleven to save it from the Annihilation Wave.

The Greater Magellanic Cloud

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