The Eternals

Eternals of titanThe Eternals are the result of genetic experiments performed millions of years ago on early humans by the cosmic beings known as the Celestials. The Eternals were bombarded with cosmic particle radiation, unlocking latent genes that gave them invulnerability, long life and god-like powers.

After an amicable internal schism, a faction of Eternals left Earth for outer space and eventually made their home on Titan, a moon of Saturn. They possess advanced technology greater than that of the other major races, along with their own cosmic abilities. The Eternals stay largely withdrawn from galactic affairs, preferring to study the cosmos and the workings of the Celestials; they tend to only intervene in response to the actions of Thanos.

Notable Eternals

  • Thanos: Known as the Mad Titan, Thanos is an intergalactic threat whose quest for power has threatened the very fabric of the universe on more than one occasion.
  • Mentor: Leader of the Eternals and the father of Thanos; he has spent countless years thwarting Thanos’ schemes, and created Drax the Destroyer as a weapon against his son.
  • Starfox: Mentor’s son and Thanos’ brother; an adventurous soul who has been a member of the Earth’s Avengers in the past.
  • ISAAC: The incredibly complex artificial intelligence that maintains the Eternal home on Titan and houses all of their advanced knowledge.
  • Drax the Destroyer: A human named Arthur Douglas who was killed by Thanos; Mentor revived and enhanced the human as an unstoppable weapon designed to kill Thanos.
  • Moondragon: Heather Douglas, an orphaned human; the Eternals gave her shelter and trained her in psionics and martial arts.
  • Phylla-Vell: Cloned daughter of the Eternal Elysius and the Kree hero Mar-Vell

The Eternals

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