Science and Technology

Technology 1If you can imagine the technology, it exists somewhere in the vast universe.

The major galactic and intergalactic civilisations all have roughly equal access to technologies, although some may be more advanced in particular fields than their rivals. A few civilisations and individuals have access to unique, super-advanced tools and technologies that they have not shared with the rest of the universe.

Faster-Than-Light Travel
Warp drives allow starships to travel at hundreds or even thousands of times the speed of light. Stargates allow instantaneous travel between two points, no matter the distance, but require large amounts of computing power to calibrate and energy to open. Point-to-point teleportation technology is possessed by only a few advanced civilisations.

Computing and Manufacturing
Personal and wearable computers are more powerful than any human supercomputer. True artificial intelligence is possible but rare; non-sentient pseudo-AIs are more common. Nanotechnology allows for high-speed manufacture of tools and resources, but tends to be controlled by empires and the wealthy.

High-speed ground and air vehicles are used by nearly all races; most use thrusters or anti-gravity rather than wheels or rotors. Personal flight devices like jetpacks or rocket boots are normally confined to military forces. Starships come in all shapes and sizes; anything larger than a small fighter will probably have warp drives, energy shields, weapons, sensors and computers.

Personal beam or energy weapons are common, although civilians usually only have access to low-powered versions. Vibro- or energy-based melee weapons are also common. Personal or powered body armour can protect against many attacks, but again civilians only have access to low-grade versions. Personal force fields are expensive, power-hungry and rare.

Instantaneous communication is possible by transmitting through ‘subspace’. Galactic and intergalactic computer networks depend on such communication; there are multiple such networks and most do not freely interact. Outside such networks, news and information is carried by starships travelling at warp speed. Personal communicators and pseudo-telepathic translators are very common, so it’s easy to speak and be understood almost anywhere.

Personal Enhancement
There are many ways to grant enhanced or unusual abilities to individuals. Common techniques include cybernetic implants, genetic alteration, mutation and nanotech augmentation. More powerful augmentation may require unique processes, such as channelling external energy sources through an individual, or involve untested technologies.
Technology 3
The potential for psionic ability is found in many races; some have strong innate ability while others can develop powers through training and augmentation. Telepathy and telekinesis are common enough that many military forces train in the techniques (and how to combat them). Many other psionic powers are possible, but may be expressed in a unique or unpredictable manner.

Science and Technology

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