Omega Core

Omega Core is a pan-galactic marshal service, funded and staffed by a dozen different civilizations, that hunts, secures and imprisons major interstellar criminals and terrorists. The Core is based in the Kyln, an ancient series of artificial moons arrayed before the Crunch; prisoners are set to work maintaining the Kyln’s functions, kept in line by an injection of nano-wardens. Omega Core manages the Kyln’s custodial functions in cooperation with the Clerics, an alien order of priests who revere the mysterious creators of the Kyln.


When an enormous armada emerged from the Crunch and attacked the Kyln, almost all Omega Core officers and guards were killed. Only a scant few survived, thanks to the efforts of Mister Fantastic and the Star-Lord; they are currently refugees looking for new homes and duties. Captain Kika is the highest-ranking officer to escape the Kyln’s destruction.

The surviving Omega Core officers are well-trained trackers and law enforcers, skilled in both detective work and combat. Power implants enhance their senses and physical abilities and also let them project paralysis rays from their hands.

Omega Core

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