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The Local Group of Galaxies
A group of more than 50 galaxies, the largest of which are the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.

Intergalactic Civilisations
Gigantic empires connect galaxies, create wonders and wage unending war across the cosmos. The Skrull Empire, the Kree Empire and the Shi’ar Empire are the largest.

Races of the Galaxies
Whether they inhabit one planet or a thousand, the galaxies are home to uncountable races and species. Major races include the Skrull, the Kree, the Shi’ar and (occasionally) humans.

Science and Technology
Faster-than-light travel, artificial intelligence, planet-busting weapons, physical augmentation… nothing is impossible.

Beyond All Understanding
Science has its limits. There are vast powers at work in the universe, and not all can be measured – or resisted.

The Annihilation Wave
The massive invasion fleet of ships, commanded by Annihilus, that has broken into this universe from the Negative Zone and is destroying all it encounters.

Main Page

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