Galactus is a being of unimaginable power and great mystery. It’s said he’s the sole survivor of the universe before the Big Bang and that he has always existed, always hungered for worlds. Some say he’s a force of nature, part of the natural order, and his removal would upset the delicate balance of the universe, possibly unmaking it. Others say his true visage cannot be perceived and his form is only an interpretation of onlookers, taking the shape of their own race or that of a deity.

Many things are said about Galactus, but one thing is certain. Galactus is hungry.

Galactus is both the wielder and the source of the Power Cosmic, which allows him to accomplish almost anything he desires. He can manipulate matter, travel across time and space, and even destroy worlds with a thought. His Heralds, some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, have access to just a fraction of Galactus’ power. Galactus is only served by one Herald at a time; some previous Heralds retained their power after leaving his service.

Heralds of Galactus

  • The Silver Surfer: Galactus’ greatest and longest-serving Herald, an explorer who rides the seas of space on his silver board
  • Firelord: A former Nova Corps officer who manifests the Power Cosmic as stellar flame.
  • Stardust: Galactus’ current Herald, an energy being who worships her master as if he were a god.
  • Terrax the Tamer: A brutal warlord, exiled from Galactus’ service, who channels the Power Cosmic through his cosmic axe.
  • Air-Walker: A Xandarian who served Galactus until his death and afterwards, resurrected in an android body fuelled by the Power Cosmic.
  • Red Shift: This Herald served Galactus only briefly, and channels the Power Cosmic through twin swords.
  • Morg: A sociopathic executioner who was even more brutal a Herald than Terrax, Morg died defending Galactus from the galactic destroyer called Tyrant.
  • Frankie Raye: A human who became Herald in order to prevent Galactus destroying Earth.


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