Earth has been the target of more intergalactic events and crises than anyone can count, but remains almost steadfastly ignorant of the greater cosmos. It is a primitive planet in the Milky Way Galaxy – so primitive it does not have interstellar travel capability or even a cohesive world government.

Despite this, Earth is also home to some of the greatest scientific minds in the cosmos, such as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, as well as a large number of unique devices unmatched by intergalactic technologies, such as dimensional portals and time machines.

Because of the propensity of Earth to produce unique, uncontrollable super-beings, many galactic residents refer to it as ‘Asylum 8’ – a cosmic madhouse.
Marvel earth
The human race is infamous throughout the cosmos – an insignificant race of under-evolved bipeds that nonetheless is continually at the heart of intergalactic events. Individual humans are capable of adapting unpredictably to almost any kind of genetic or energetic stimulus, developing unique abilities and then using them to interfere with cosmic civilisations. Some researchers believe that this is due to interference by the Celestials, who seem to have used early humans as a testbed for experiments in genetic alteration and adaptation.

As well as the core species, there are a number of human offshoot races, such as the immortal Eternals of Titan, the grotesque but powerful Deviants, the genetically diverse Inhumans and the even more genetically unpredictable strain of mutants (homo superior).

Notable Humans

  • The Avengers: This paramilitary force of superbeings has repelled numerous invasion fleets, ended the war between the Skrull and the Kree and intervened in the Kree-Shi’ar War.
  • The Fantastic Four: A family of explorers led by scientific genius Reed Richards; they have extensively interfered with Kree and Skrull politics and plans.
  • The X-Men: A large group of mutants, led by the telepath Charles Xavier, who have been involved with a number of events concerning the Shi’ar Empire.
  • SWORD: The Sentient World Observation and Response Department is an organisation that focuses on extraterrestrial counter-terrorism and intelligence.


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