Beyond All Understanding

The advanced races of the Local Group have created any number of incredible technologies and unlocked almost all of the cosmos’ secrets – but still, there are limits. Beyond the understanding of science can be found the great powers of the universe, realities beyond this one and energies that cannot be tamed or analysed.

The Devourer of Worlds, a being of unimaginable power that passes through the cosmos as he wishes.

The Proemial Gods
The original gods of this universe, imprisoned for aeons but now free and hungry for vengeance.

Cosmic Energies
Power sources and strange energies that permeate all of reality.

The Celestials
Ancient space gods that have shaped the races of the cosmos over aeons.

Other Dimensions
Pocket realities and alternate planes.

The Negative Zone
A shrinking universe of negative energy that lies underneath this one.

Beyond All Understanding

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