Tana Nile

Rigellian logician, infiltrator and spy


As a Rigellian, Tana can increase her density at will, boosting her strength and resistance to injury. She can also use her native mental powers to read and dominate the minds of others. She usually wears Rigellian power armour that protects her from harm, alters her appearance to assume various humanoid shapes, and allows her to fire off ‘stasis rays’ of heat or concussive force.


A Rigellian Colonizer, Tana Nile was sent to Earth as part of a plan to colonize the world for her race, but was defeated by Thor. She encountered the Asgardian hero a number of times after this, sometimes as an enemy and sometimes as an ally, and has had a number of adventures with Earth heroes. Working again in the service of the Rigellian Empire, she spent time with Gamora’s Graces on Godthab Omega and was recently involved in the plot to frame Ronan the Accuser for treason.

Tana’s next assignment was to infiltrate the Nova Corps; she was one of the only survivors of the Annihilation Wave’s attack. She joined forces with Beta Ray Bill and Nova Prime and escaped to Nycos Aristedes, only to find that the Wave had followed them. In a desperate move, she worked with Bill and Nova Prime to create a planet-sized dimensional portal, drawing the entire world into the little-known Dimension Eleven. After repelling the Wave, and returning the planet to its original dimension (but a different galaxy), Tana is focusing her efforts on protecting the Aakonian colony and its people.

Tana loves other cultures – maybe a bit too much for her fellow Rigellians. However, she’s fiercely loyal to her people and will risk life and limb to aid them. Apart from her cross-species interest, Tana is torn between her abilities as a scientist and a spy. She loves discovery and exploration, but can’t deny the utility of deception and infiltration in achieving her goals.

Tana Nile

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