Energy being who acts as Galactus' current Herald


As an energy being, Stardust is immune to all diseases and is capable of reconstituting herself even if utterly destroyed. Granted the Power Cosmic by Galactus, Stardust possesses cosmic levels of strength, durability, stamina and superhuman reflexes. She is capable of space flight and can travel quickly to other star systems and galaxies. She generates destructive energy blasts that she can focus through her halberd


Stardust is an Ethereal, an incorporeal race of energy beings. She abandoned her people to become Galactus’ Herald and served him as zealously as a religious fanatic. She not only led Galactus to populated worlds but also attempted to destroy all evidence of those who oppose him. Circumstances have caused her to ally with others to defend her master and the greater cosmos, though, and she is no longer quite so zealous in Galactus’ service.

In order to protect Galactus from possible attacks or interference, Stardust allied with Firelord and the Silver Surfer to investigate the Annihilation Wave’s plans. The three Heralds overcame an attempt by Ravenous and the Seekers to drain their power, and tracked him across the galaxies to discover that the Wave was in league with the Proemial Gods. But this knowledge came too late, and now Galactus has been captured by the Gods – what is Stardust to do?

The aimless nature of her fellow Ethereals disgusts Stardust. She admires the achievements that corporeal beings are capable of creating, even if she doesn’t fully understand their needs. She’s aloof, but her one weakness is Galactus. She worships and loves Galactus with such passion that she would do anything for him, including leading him to worlds supporting sentient life.


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