Diminutive Skrull engineer


R’Kin was a skilled technician familiar with all systems and technology of the Skrull Empire. He possessed the same shapeshifting abilities as all Skrulls, but lacked skill in using them in combat.


Son of the famed Skrull General N’ala, R’kin grew up on tales of his father’s self-sacrificing heroism under the command of the Super-Skrull, Kl’rt. Unfortunately, dwindling family fortunes coupled with R’kin’s small size and general combat ineptitude pushed the young man into service as an engineer.

Serving under Baroness S’bak, he did well despite suffering chastisement for several failed applications for Warskrull duty and his obsession with reclaiming his family’s status and honour.

When the Super-Skrull left the Baroness’ service to head for Earth, she assigned R’Kin to him as an assistant who could service and repair his ship. Sadly, Annihilation Wave forces attacked their ship as it left the Andromeda Galaxy, and R’kin did not survive the encounter.


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