Sole survivor of the Ataraxian race


As an Ataraxian, Praxagroa is an android with a fusion power core. She’s incredibly strong and durable, capable of discharging plasma sufficient to cut through starship hulls. She flies under her own power and can mentally communicate with other machines.


Ataraxia was a Negative Zone world that spawned a sentient android civilization powered by stellar containment. The Ataraxians were a peaceful race, self-sufficient and above petty divisions over resources. Unfortunately, Annihilus saw them as a threat and destroyed their civilization, killing all of them but one. He kept Praxagora as a trophy, focus of study and slave labourer on Prison Planetoid UX-73.

Chained up in the bowels of the Planetoid for years, her fusion core powering all its systems, Praxagora broke free after the Super-Skrull rampaged through the prison and damaged her containment cell. She allied with the Skrull and a group of Earth heroes to convert the prison into a mobile battle platform, then came with the heroes to the positive matter universe to destroy the Harvester of Sorrow. Praxagora now captains the UX-73 as one of the flagships of the United Front.

Once a pacifist, Praxagora is a reluctant warrior driven to violence to avenge the genocide of her people. Prior to the slaughter of her people she was some kind of scientist or scholar. Little of that person remains in her pursuit of vengeance against Annihilus and the Horde.


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