Ruthless mercenary and queen of the space pirates


Nebula is a capable tactician who manages to form pirate organizations, recruit crews and gather resources despite – or perhaps thanks to – her brutal reputation. Her cybernetic modifications increase her physical capabilities, but these advantages pale compared to the powers granted her by her new patrons. With her new control over dark energy she can fly in space, project devastating energy blasts, leech the energy from others and alter the very fabric of space-time.


A bloodthirsty pirate and mercenary with a mysterious past, Nebula stole one of Thanos’ ships and used it to cut a swath of slaughter and piracy through one star system after another. Her efforts pitted her against the Nova Corps, the Skrull Empire and the Avengers of Earth, among others. When Thanos returned he made an example of her, and she sacrificed her pirate crew and became a cyborg in order to survive.

Nebula joined Gamora’s Graces on Godthab Omega for a time, but became dissatisfied with the alliance. When the Graces escaped to Azimuth Station, Nebula tried to assemble a pirate crew, and was imprisoned in a ball of cosmic flame by FIrelord for her crimes. Careening through hyperspace, she was rescued by the Proemial Gods, and now works for them as their ‘Herald’.

Nebula is driven by a lust for power and a complete lack of anything resembling a conscience. She’s willing to kill or destroy anything that gets in her way. While resourceful, she displays a lack of imagination or long-term planning beyond satiating her need for control.


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