Psychic martial artist trained by the Eternals of Titan


Moondragon is an exceptional physical specimen and accomplished martial artist. She’s also one of the single most powerful telepaths in the known universe; she can take control of others’ minds, alter their perceptions, inflict debilitating pain with a thought and even shut down sentient minds altogether.


During one of Thanos’ trips to Earth, he destroyed a passing vehicle to prevent humans witnessing his presence. Young child Heather Douglas was the only survivor, and Thanos’ father Mentor took her to Titan to heal her. Heather was trained by the Eternal monks of Shao-Lom, who honed her physical abilities and unlocked her psionic potential. Heather took the name Moondragon; she wandered the cosmos while learning to control her dark side, eventually falling in love with the Eternal hero Phylla-Vell.

Thanks to a loose alliance with Gamora, Moondragon came to Godthab Omega just as the Annihilation Wave attacked, and was able to help the Graces escape before the planet was overrun. She helped Devos stop Nebula and Paibok from destroying Azimuth Station, and is now working with the United Front fighting against the Annihilation Wave.

Moondragon is arrogant and self-righteous, firmly convinced her training, abilities and background make her superior to pretty much everyone she meets. She isn’t a bad person, but her cold and sometimes sterile approach complicates relations with erstwhile allies.


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