Korath the Pursuer

Outcast Kree scientist and former special operative


The Kree Pursuer genetic template boosted Korath’s physical abilities beyond normal Kree levels. He carries various advanced equipment of Kree design, including his uniform and his ‘beta-baton’ weapons. Korath is a skilled fighter, scientist, pilot, tracker and tactician.


A Kree scientist working on genetic templates, Korath-Thak was part of a failed project to test the ‘Pursuer’ genetic template on Earth. Since then, Korath served with the Kree Starforce and was briefly a bodyguard for the Shi’ar noble Deathbird, before finally being exiled from the shattered Kree Empire.

When Ronan came to Godthab Omega, Korath allied with his former commander to fight the Graces, then helped Ronan and Gamora defeat Glorian. He stabilised the Glorian Matrix and was able to psychically track it after it was taken by Eradica. Following it through the galaxy, Korath and his team of Kree soldiers were overwhelmed by Ravenous but rescued by the Heralds of Galactus. Finally he tracked the Matrix to Hala, where he helped defeat Ravenous; he now acts as an advisor to Ronan in the Kree Empire’s battle against the Annihilation Wave.

Early in his career, Korath was ruthlessly devoted to serving the Kree Empire, but his time as an outcast has refined his views; he’s more aware that the desires of the Kree rulers aren’t always what’s right for the empire. Despite his hard-won cynicism, Korath is confident in the moral fortitude of veteran Kree heroes and will do what he must to aid them.

Korath the Pursuer

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