Praetor of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard


As long as his confidence and willpower hold out, Gladiator can channel his psionic potential into staggering physical feats. His strength can destroy small planetoids and he’s practically indestructible; he can fly at superluminal speed, discharge heat rays from his eyes and freeze objects with his breath.

In addition to this staggering array of abilities, Kallark is also a highly trained warrior with years of experience commanding the Imperial Guard, and can call on the full military might of the Shi’ar Empire and all of their resources.


The Strontians were a race of humanoids able to channel their will into godlike power. Although the Strontians were loyal subjects, the Shi’ar Emperor feared the use of their abilities would start rebellion. He ordered a group of Strontian recruits to kill their elders. Only Kallark had the unswerving dedication and will to complete the task; he was rewarded with the title ‘Gladiator’ and became the leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. When Lilandra ascended to the throne, a saner and more reasonable ruler than those that came before her, Gladiator joined her in creating a prosperous empire.

Dispatched by the Empire to slow the flood of Andromeda Galaxy refugees into Shi’ar space, Gladiator was prepared to destroy Azimuth Station until a temporary alliance was brokered by Quasar. Eventually the Shi’ar took over the station to refit it into a battle-station, protected by Gladiator and his fleet. But now that Thanos has brutally defeated and captured Gladiator, how will the Shi’ar respond?

Gladiator is the embodiment of willpower, dedication and duty. He honours his oath to the Empire at all costs – he’s even engaged in the genocide of his own race at the command of the Shi’ar. There’s no room for doubt in his nature; his actions are direct, efficient and dutiful at all times.


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