First concubine of Annihilus


Eradica is a ten-foot insect with telepathic powers. She prefers to command her ground forces from the air on her hover disk, which she is not afraid to use as a weapon. Eradica is arrogant about her position and abilities and she prefers to fight the strongest foes one-on-one. However, when on board her flagship, she is protected by a squad of elite soldiers that will give their lives to defend her.


Eradica is one of the queens of Annihilus and a commander of the Annihilation Wave. Unlike the other queens, Eradica is more than willing to get out of her command harness and lead her armies personally. She led the initial attack on the Kyln and guided the ground forces that destroyed Godthab Omega.

While commanding the bombardment of Daedalus 5, Eradica took on Nova Prime and Beta Ray Bill – and was defeated. She was captured by the heroes and taken back to a safe location for interrogation.


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