War across the universe

After thousands of years of upheaval and conflict, the intergalactic civilisations of the Local Group has settled into a rough stability. The Kree Empire is shattered, its territories annexed by the Shi’ar or consumed by intrigues. The Skrull Empire has fragmented under the hand of infighting warlords after Galactus destroyed the Throneworld. Human meddlers like Reed Richards and the X-Men destabilise the order fought for by the Nova Corps.

But still, there is an uneasy kind of peace.

Until an unexpected danger more powerful than anything the universe has ever witnessed bursts forth from the rim of known space, annihilating all before it. And if it is not stopped, nothing will survive. NOTHING.

All that exists will be destroyed

Annihilation is a Marvel Heroic Roleplay campaign based on the comics of the same name – a widescreen space war epic where a handful of super-humans and alien adventurers are all that stands between the universe and utter destruction. Think Mass Effect, but starring the Avengers.

This is a campaign for four or more players, each of which will play multiple characters over the course of the game. Players can choose from a large number of pre-made character datafiles – major Marvel characters at home in space – or create their own characters if/when they prefer.

(Familiarity with the Annihilation comics series is not only unnecessary but actively discouraged.)


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